meraQR enables brands to monetize their packaging.

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Your product packaging is prime real estate that you own.
Monetize it with a meraQR code.

How brands benefit with meraQR codes

A happy customer simply scans the meraQR code and buys more of your product... or related products... at a special discount.

You can also sell third party products through the meraQR code on your packaging. Google Ads enables websites to earn from third-party ads. meraQR enables manufactureres to do the same. That's a brand new revenue stream.

Generate leads of potential partners, distributors, retailers & consumers.

Every customer is an influencer with a network of connections, fans, friends and collegues. Incentivise your customers to refer your products with 1-click.

Your meraQR offers are automatically submitted to search engines with digital marketing & search engine optimization taken care of. This way even more people can discover your awesome products.

Creating & managing loyalty programs is a breeze with meraQR. Use loyalty programs to convert one-time buyers into lifelong customers.

Is your packaging cluttered with too much information? Shift the info to the meraQR code.

Delight your customers with 1-click support.

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Unlimited Projects
Unlimited Scans
Digital marketing optimization
Search engine optimization
1-click customer contact
Social media links
Lead Generation
Content Marketing
Customer Acquisition & Sales
Group buying / social shopping
Expiry and recall check
Detailed product information
Legal information