meraQR enables brands to monetize their packaging.

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With meraQR codes, brands can advertise their own and even third party products on their packaging.

What are meraQR codes?

Imagine this...

You are at a friend's place and tell her that you are looking to buy a new toaster. She says that she's really happy with her toaster. You whip out your smartphone and scan the meraQR code on her toaster. You instantly see relevant offers, list of nearby stores and an option to buy online.

You pick up a packet of noodles from a kitchen drawer and realize it's the last packet. You whip out your smartphone and scan the meraQR code on the packet. You instantly see relevant offers from the neighborhood stores and click a button to order through WhatsApp.

That's the future of advertising. A potential customer sees your message when she actually wants to see it.
And the best part is that businesses can advertise on their own products and packaging. That's prime real estate they already own.

meraQR codes are dynamic. This means that you can update your offers even after your product has shipped.

meraQR codes can be used almost everywhere - appliances, art, beverages, books, clothes, fruits & vegetables, furniture, gadgets, packaged food.

The cost of printing meraQR codes is next to zero. And no special apps are needed to scan them. iPhone cameras can scan them natively and Android users can simply open up on their phones to scan.

Why the world needs meraQR codes

Traditional advertising is broken. It costs a ton and the return on investment is usually much lower than desired.

For thousands of years advertising has been "spray and pray" - random ads hitting random people at random times. Businesses advertise everywhere they can afford to in the hope that potential customers will notice them - newspapers, magazines, TV shows, billboards, radio, websites, social platforms.

Millions of people are "sprayed" with these ads but only a small fraction is actually potential customers. And even they tend to ignore ads. Think about it. Do you like getting pesky phone calls, emails, and text messages from marketers? Do you like ads on the Internet or on TV? Well, I don't.

Spray and pray marketing is ineffective and can even lead to brand over-exposure where your potential customers start to ignore all your content.

How brands benefit with meraQR codes

Increased sales

A happy customer simply scans the meraQR code and buys more of your product... or related products... at a special discount... and can even share the deal with friends in 1-click.

New revenue streams

You can also sell third party products through the meraQR code on your product... sell merchandise through comics, ingredients through cook books, spa treatments through cosmetics, snacks through beverages...

Lead generation

Generate leads of potential consumers, retailers & more.

Affiliate / Referral marketing

Incentivise your customers to refer your products to their friends and social networks with 1-click.

Digital marketing

Your meraQR offers are automatically submitted to search engines with digital marketing optimization taken care of. This way even more people can discover your awesome products.

Improved packaging design

Is your packaging cluttered with too much information? Shift the info to the meraQR code.

Customer delight

Delight your customers with 1-click support.